About Kathy Kaehler

When I was little, there was one class in school I absolutely could not wait to get to… P.E. Gym class. It was the highlight of my day. I consider myself very lucky to have had some incredible teachers throughout my years in school. In particular, my middle school gym teacher, Miss Bobbie Reider. She was an extraordinary role model for me as it became my dream to one day become a phys. ed. teacher just like her. In 1985, I graduated from Hope College – a small, liberal arts school in Holland, Michigan – with a self created BS in Exercise Science and Dance Education. After graduation, I spent a few memorable years working as an intern at Coors Wellness Center in Golden, Colorado. The immediate hands-on experience with one-on-one training and writing exercise prescriptions was more than anyone could ask for when going into the field of exercise, personal training and healthy living. Without ever taking a paycheck, what I gained from Coors had far more value than a dollar sign. In 1989, I had no idea what I was getting in to when I answered the phone and agreed to an interview with Jane Fonda in Santa Barbara, California. With sweaty hands and nerves that shook like leaves, I met the pioneer of aerobics in the front-yard of her cottage at Laurel Springs. Her ranch – high above the city of Santa Barbara – became my new home as I worked as a personal trainer for her guests. Between Melanie Griffith, Ally Sheedy, and numerous others, I realized that training Hollywood celebrities was what I wanted to do. Jane’s “place” was short lived as her life headed to Atlanta, Georgia. So… I headed straight down to Los Angeles. Although my dream of becoming a P.E. teacher was fleeting, the dream of owning my own business and carving out a niche for myself in the world of fitness became far more appealing. I hit the road running. For thirteen years, I appeared as the Fitness Expert on the NBC TODAY show with Katie Couric. I trained numerous A-list celebrities including Julia Roberts, Michelle Pfeiffer, Cindy Crawford, Jennifer Aniston, Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Lopez, Denise Richards, Claudia Schiffer, and Kim Basinger. In 2009, I created a workout dvd for Kim Kardashian, “Kim Kardashian’s Body Beautiful”, which diverted the attention from her more “suggestive” dvd and directed it somewhere more positive – including our charities. The dvd also led to a guest appearance on the now infamous “Keeping up with the Kardashian’s”. Writing books seemed to be a natural progression for my career. I have authored books such as “Teenage Fitness”, “Fit and Sexy for Life”, “Kaehler’s Celebrity Workouts” and “Momenergy” with Cindy Crawford’s accolades on the cover. All of these books are geared towards spreading my message of a healthy lifestyle. I have had the pleasure to write for magazines like Elle, Self, and Women’s Sports and Fitness, while my workouts and training tips have appeared in InStyle, Us Weekly, Shape, Fitness, Family Circle, Health, More, Allure, Marie Claire, and Woman’s Day. My passion is educating the public about living healthy and making better choices in how we eat and how we move our bodies. I love being a spokesperson and I have worked for a number of quality brands and products including the American Lamb Board, USANA, Boniva, Pretzel Crisps, HealthyOnes, Hanes, Propel, Vaseline, Nasonex, Ragu, the Milk Board, Chilean fruit, Mio watches, Walkmill, Serta, and Enell. I'm currently a highly sought after health and wellness spokesperson and guest speaker. I offer FREE personal consultations on my website. Every week I host my own radio show Fit and Sexy for Life. However, I am most excited about meeting YOU! Let's connect.
I am so happy to connect with you.

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